About Us

Our Aim

Our main aim and focus was to otter a refreshing break from the mainstream journalistic articles and focus on providing the community with a forum in which to unite in celebration in their adopted home. Lanka Times offers readers a wide collection of creative features spanning all aspects of immigrant life, from personalities and events to sport, travel and human interest.
As the paper evolves to include new and exciting topics each month, we can also be assured, that with its growing numbers of end readers, we will always continue to celebrate the successes of Sri-Lankan’s both here and abroad. Aside from bringing Sri Lankan achievements to the forefront, we will strive to shed light on those stories that make Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans unique.


To provide the Sri Lankan Community in Australia with a unique and boutique newspaper, without the everyday political reporting which can be seen and heard on every day news.
The Lanka Times (in conjunction with UK Lanka Times) was first launched in 2008 out of a need newspaper would be distributed and targeted to readers both nationally and internationally.

Our Readers

The real decision makers of our community. In Australia the Sri Lankan community, whilst small in numbers, includes a large percentage of white collar workers from doctors and lawyers to corporate executives and business owners.


From inception in 2008, our distribution demand of 3,000 copies to all participating shops and business owners, has now grown to meet a demand of just over 5,000 copies with
the demand increasing steadily both In conjunction with UK Lanka Times, Lanka Times in Australia is distributed in Australia, nationally and internationally. London and Sri Lanka.

Our Advertisers (Clients)

Lanka Times appeals to many well known and local business owners both locally and internationally, with the interest to advertise with Lanka Times rising.
Our current clients include:
• Emirate Airlines
• Money Gram
• I latton National Bank of Sri Lanka
• Western Union
• Commercial Bank of Ceylon
• ANZ Bank