Sri Lankans, Down Under, await their arrival…


Sohan & The X-Periments are, undoubtedly, an extremely popular outfit in the scene, in Colombo.

Their workload is stupendous, with gigs every weekend…and, quite often, two per day – a wedding in the morning, followed by a dance in the evening, or a sing-along, etc.

Their popularity isn’t confined to Sri Lanka only; they are in great demand to oblige Sri Lankans, living abroad, as well.

As an entertainer and performer, leader Sohan travels to various parts of the globe, and he will be doing just that, in July.

Along with The X-Periments, and female vocalist Trishelle, he will be doing his thing, in Australia, for five weeks.

The tour will take in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

The big happening in Sydney is the Thomian dance, on July 28th, and there’s talk that every Thomian, living in Sydney, will be at the Hornsby Showroom, to dance to the music of Sohan & The X-Periments, from 6.00 pm till midnight.

The Sydney dance committee is working on making this event extra special.

According to reports coming our way, Sri Lankans, living in Australia, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the band as they are all keen to go down memory lane and rekindle the nostalgia that Sohan & The X-Periments would bring into their music.

“I gave it some thought but decided to let the members enjoy Christmas, at home, with their families.”

And, by the way, the band will also be having for company the dynamic Judy de Silva, who was seen in action, in Doha, last month

By the way, the popular ‘Breakaway Ball’ will not be held this year.

Sohan, who was instrumental in making the ‘Breakaway Ball’ a reality, said that it was with great reluctance that he decided to give this ball a break.

“I have a whole lot of commitments coming up, before the year is out, and I honestly feel that I may not be able to devote the time required for this year’s dance.”

Sohan went on to say that his son is getting married this year and that the lead up to the wedding would keep him extremely busy.

“We also have a five-week tour of Australia, July/August, so there would hardly be any time left for me to work on this year’s ball.”

There were inquiries for Sohan & The X-Periments to do the 31st night scene in the States, as well as Christmas Eve.

“I gave it some thought but decided to let the members enjoy Christmas, at home, with their families.”

This versatile band, however, will now usher in the New Year (2019) at a leading five-star hotel, in Colombo.

Credit : Channel 31 – Sri Lanka Morning Show


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