Sri Lanka the land of beauty pageants!


SRI LANKA the land of beauty pageants!

I’m quite certain Sri Lanka is about the only country in the world where, at the drop of a hat, a beauty contest is put together!

And, believe me, if you talk to some of the winners, of these so-called beauty pageants, they give the impression that they themselves are not quite sure as to the correct title of the contest they participated in.

Obviously, this is the scenario now with beauty pageants popping up like mushrooms…in the city of Colombo!

What’s more, some of these pageants are put together in a very amateurish way, with the winners lacking the necessary qualifications to represent Sri Lanka at an international event.

In some cases, individuals are picked, without a proper contest, and, invariably, they have to fork out a tidy sum – to buy their own air ticket, etc. – in order to participate in the international contest.

Just recently a fracas cropped up, at the end of an event, where the judges’ integrity was questioned. And, in this instance, the judges were right. But, obviously, someone’s favourite didn’t get the crown and so it turned into an ugly scene.

Obviously, this is the scenario now with beauty pageants popping up like mushrooms…in the city of Colombo!

I wonder if our beauty pageant franchise holders are aware of the Role and Responsibility of a Title Holder of a Pageant? No, I don’t think so.

Most of our winners disappear, after a day or two in the spotlight, while the franchise holders get busy planning out their next move (or contest).

The following guidelines must be adhered to when a queen is chosen…

Goodwill Ambassador

A title holder becomes associated with many organisations. The main purpose is to further an important social cause using the popularity factor. Does this happen in our scene!


The magnetic personality of a title holder helps to attract people’s attention and to sensitise the public about targeted social problems. This in turn helps raise funds for their eradication.


As a title holder of a pageant, one of the skills she should possess is good communications skills. Most of her public appearances, as a goodwill ambassador or at a fundraiser event, would require her to make a commendable speech about the cause she is supporting. She would be expected to promote the event, stating clearly why people should follow her example.

Role Model

A pageant title holder is not just an eminent person on special occasions. Apart from proving her intelligence, talent and pleasing personality as the winner, she is an advocate of social service. She has a huge moral responsibility and has to maintain a respectable character. A title holder is an image of a well-educated and successful personality.

Unfortunately, we have too many queens in the scene, these days, and they all seem to be concerned only about walking the ramp, parties, etc. Charity work is furthest away from their minds.

The question being asked is whether these beauty pageants are money spinners for certain folks.

Most of our winners disappear, after a day or two in the spotlight

A veteran designer-cum-choreographer indicated that many individuals are trying to make a fast buck and ruining the setup.

He went on to say that the government should intervene and monitor the type of contestants that represent the country at beauty pageants.

“It has come to a sad plight of the caliber of beauty pageant winners we make today.”

Just look at the Indians. Everyone is a potential winner at the big international events.

Will we ever have another Maureen Hingert in our midst? Dreams do come true, they say, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Right now, as I see it, these local beauty pageants are all a waste of time and money.



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